Super Junior Release Their Travel Book 'Super Junior's Experience Korea News + Seoul'


Super Junior will do a show and tell of Korea with their travel book 'Super Junior's Experience Korea NEWS+Seoul'!

'Super Junior's Experience Korea NEWS+Seoul' is filled with stories and photos from Super Junior's journey across the country during the past year. For the travel book, Super Junior split into teams including Siwon and Donghae who visited Gangwondo, Kyuhyun and Yesung who traveled to the east to Gyeongsangdo, Shindong and Eunhyuk who traveled to the west to Choongchung and Jeollado, Leeteuk and Ryewook who went down to the south to Jeju Island, and Kangin and Sungmin who toured around Seoul. The boys will give a hands-on introduction of Korea by describing various aspects of their trips.

So make sure to pick up a copy when the book becomes available on the 16th!


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