MBLAQ's Mir becomes new MC for kid variety show 'Unbearable School 2'


MBLAQ's Mir just might be the next 'MC-dol' as he's now been picked up as the new host for the children's show 'Unbearable School 2' ('Helpless School 2')!

The original series started last year and became a popular kids variety show. It showed sticky, hilarious situations that kids got into and filed them under the keyword 'helpless' for a variety show both kids and adults could understand.

The new 'Unbearable School 2' on Tooniverse will be dealing with various things, such as real-life situation play, a romantic drama, and even a variety show. Celebrities who are popular with little kids will be invited each week, so they can go through missions to become the 'president' among children.

Mir will be working with Jewelry's Yewon from season 1. He said, "I'm honored to become an MC for the show because I've been watching the show's season 1 diligently. I get along well with MC-sunbae Yewon and the children, so I'm already looking forward to the next filming. I'm going to become as loved by the kids as Kwanghee was from Season 1. Please look forward to it."

Mir is also on the MC panel for 'Beatles Code 3D'.

Source : Allkpop

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