Agensi - Agensi Entertaiment di Korea

A Cube Entertainment
- A Pink (Girl Group)
- Huh Gak (Solo)
- Mario (Solo)
AB Entertainment
- EXID (Girl Group)
AQ Entertainment
- Miss A (Girl Group)

B2M Entertainment
- SPICA (Girl Group)
- Heo Young Saeng (Solo)
- Kim Kyu Jong (Solo)
- Lee Hyori (Solo)

BadBoss Company
- Soul Harmony (Duo)

Big Hit Entertainment
- 2AM (Boy Group)
- 8Eight (Boy and Girl Group)
- Homme(Duo)
- David Oh (Solo)
- Lim Jeong Hee (Solo)

Brand New Stardom Entertainment
- Block B (Boy Group)
- Miss $ (Solo)

Cube Entertainment
- 4Minute (Girl Group)
- Beast (Boy Group)
- G.Na (Solo)
- Trouble Maker (Duo)

Cube DC Entertainment
- BTOB (Boy Group)

Core Contents Media
- T-ara (Girl Group)
- Gangkiz (Girl Group)
- 5Dolls (Girl Group)
- SPEED (Boy Group)
- Co-Ed School (Boy and Girl Group)
- Davichi (Duo)
- Yangpa (Solo)

DR Music
- RaNia (Girl Group)

Dream Tea Entertainment
- Girls’ Day (Girl Group)

DSP Entertainment
- KARA (Girl Group)
- Rainbow (Girl Group)
- SS501 (Boy Group)
- A-JAX (Boy Group)

FNC Music
- CN Blue (Boy Group)
- FT Island (Boy Group)
- M-Signal (Duo)
- AOA (Girl Group and Band)

GP Basic Entertainment
- JQT (Girl Group)

J.Tune Entertainment
- Rain (Solo)

J.Tune Camp
- MBLAQ (Boy Group)

JYP Entertainment
- Wonder Girls (Girl Group)
- 2PM (Boy Group)
- JJ Project (Duo)
- JOO (Solo)
- San E (Solo)

KT Music
- Boohwal (Solo)

LeeYeon Entertainment
- HAM (Girl Group)

LOEN Entertainment
- IU (Solo)
- ZIA (Solo)
- Sunny Hill (Boy and Girl Group)

Monkey Funch Entertainment
- Dalmatian (Boy Group)
- MC Mong (Solo)

Nega Network
- Brown Eyed Girls (Girl Group)

NH Media
- U-Kiss (Boy Group)

Open World Entertainment
- The BOSS / DGNA (Boy Group)
- X-5 (Boy Group)

Pledis Entertainment
- After School (Girl Group)
- Hello Venus (Girl Group)
- NU’EST (Boy Group)
- Son Dambi (Solo)

SM Entertainment
- Girls’ Generation / SNSD (Girl Group)
- F(x) (Girl Group)
- CSJH The Grace (Girl Group)
- TVXQ (Boy Group)
- Super Junior (Boy Group)
- SHINee (Boy Group)
- TRAX (Boy Group)
- EXO (Boy Group)
- SM The Ballad (Boy Group)
- BoA (Solo)
- Kangta (Solo)
- Iconiq (Solo)

Sniper Sound
- Gilme (Solo)
- Outsider (Solo)

Soul Shop Entertainment
- Kim Tae Woo (Solo)

Source Music Entertainment
- Kan Mi Youn (Solo)

Star Empire Entertainment
- Nine Muses (Girl Group)
- Jewelry (Girl Group)
- ZE:A (Boy Group)
- Miji

Star Ship Entertainment
- SISTAR (Girl Group)
- Boyfriend (Boy Group)
- K.Will (Solo)
- SISTAR19 (Duo)

Startory Entertainment
- LEDApple (Boy Group)

T.O.P. Media
- Teen Top (Boy Group)

TS Entertainment
- Secret (Girl Group)
- B.A.P. (Boy Group)
- Untouchable (Duo)
- Bang and Zelo (Duo)

WM Entertainment
- B1A4 (Boy Group)

Woollim Entertainment
- Infinite (Boy Group)
- Epik High (Boy Group)

 YG Entertainment 
- 2NE1 (Girl Group)
- Big Bang (Boy Group)
- Gummy (Solo)
- SE7EN (Solo)
- PSY (Solo)
- Tablo (Solo)

YMC Entertainment
- Wheesung (Solo)
- Ailee (Solo)
- Mighty Mouth (Duo)
- Baechigi (Duo)

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