F.T Island Profile and Facts

FT Island is the name of the South Korean pop-rock band (genre: rock ballad) which consist of five talented boys. This is not your usual boy band where all they do is sing and dance on stage. These talented lads actually play their own instruments.
F.T. Island stands for Five Treasure Island as each of the members are so cherished and thus they are referred to as a “treasure”. Don’t ask me how “island” came into the equation. The band has an official colour, and it’s yellow. Their fans carry and wave yellow flags known as “pentasticks” to show their love and support.

Their debut album, Cheerful Sensibility was the sixth best-selling album in South Korea for 2007, selling 79,789 copies. This album consist of 13 tracks and you will hear work from famous producers who produced for SG Wannabe and Japanese band SMAP. The album was repackaged and re-released on December 3, 2007 with three additional songs, a photobook, photocards, and a mixing program (Music 2.0) so that you can play around with the levels of the instrument and vocals in the album. The repackaged version is called The Refreshment and it sold another 25,724 copies!

The group will hold their first concert in Malaysia on 30 March, 2008 at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater.

1. FTI debut stage was on 2007/06/07 at Mnet M!countdown.
2. 2 members participated in musicals first it was Jaejin in "Sonagi" then Hongki in "Midsummer Nights Dream".
3. Hongki acted in a drama called "You're Beautiful".
4. Minhwan acted in a drama called "The Road Home".
5. Jaejin acted in a sitcom called "Unstoppable Marriage".
6. out of the 5 (6) members of FT Island, 3 of the members have acted in dramas.
7. FTI know each other so well that jonghun didin't even have to explain. he would say, "Jaejin. you know" . Jaejin goes, "Ah~~ I know".
8. the most memorable episode in Japan was when Seunghyun sang "I'm a singer" in front of members. it was a day Seunghyun felt down and he composed it, eating KyuDon. the song went, "I'm singer, I sing it with my soul 'coz I got KyuDon.
9. though Hongki liked the dog, he wouldn't take care of her, he'd say Seunghyun to clean after her.
10. the members like brothers and there is no mother/father figure.
11. Hongki wants to go to US and produce an album in a different name. if things go well, FtI will let FnC know and debut in US.
12. Hongki once made biz plan with CnB Yonghwa to sell jewelry with Jang Geun Suk full support during You're Beautiful.
13. FTI wish to a camp with 150 to 200 fans for 1 night 2Day.
14. Jaejin took off all of his clothes while sleeping unconsciously. Hongki saw it couple of times already. He has 'sleep-undressing'.
15. apparently Seunghyun is the weakest of all members. he's been known as a 'walking hospital' ever since FnC academy trainee.

  • Choi Jong Hun
Choi Jong Hun (최종훈) – Leader, piano and guitar
Prior to joining FT Island, Jong Hun was well known online as an “Ulljjang” or Net Idol. He is a very talented pianist and has played the piano since he was six years-old. His fans love him even though he could be pretty awkward and cheesy on stage.
Chinese Name: 崔钟勋
Korean Name: 최종훈
Birthday: 7th March 1990
Height: 178cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Listening to Music, Internet
Family Members: Parents
Specialty: Piano
Nickname: A sexy Hun
Central Point of Charm: Nose
Favorites: Eating, Music

1. He feels most happy when performing with Ft Island members.
2. His ideal girlfriend is someone who is easy going.
4. His bad habit is always licking his lips
5. His favorite Jap word is dokidoki.
6. His favorite colour is blue, green.
7. He likes Eric Clapton.
8. His attraction is his nose.
9. One of his nickname is MBC (which stands for magazine butter and cheese).
10. practiced the guitar for 2 years
11. known for being cheesy/awkward
12. fave Jap word is dokidoki (sound of a fast heartbeat)
13. respect Matt Belamy (Muse)
14. if he was dared to take a cosplay dare, he will become a female highschool student
15. will travel the world if he had a month of vacation (Ask me to join!)
16. most emarassising moment is he makes mistakes. he claims he always make mistake, therefore, he's always embarassed
17. first thing done when he woke up is to check his cellphone
18. received a guitar before from a fan
19. starred in Hong Jin Young's music video love battery
20. he is the most straight forward member in the team
21. he would like to try out both singing and acting too
22. Jonghun is known to be the most charismatic among Primadonnas and FTI themselves.
23. Jonghun may seems to be very innocent but in fact he is the one who hold grudges and petty according to the other members.
24. Jonghun dances better than the other members when it comes to girl group dances.
25. Jonghun's favorite ice cream are Candy Bar and Baskin Robin

  • Lee Hong Gi
Lee Hong Gi (이홍기) – Lead Vocalist
Hong Gi first debuted as a child actor but later decided to be a singer. He has appeared in KBS2′s kids drama “Magic Kid Masuri” and MBC’s TV drama “Bingjun”. On EBS TV, he appeared in numerous dramas such as “Ggangsuni” and was nicknamed “EBSHongstar”. He has kept the name Hongstar ever since.
Chinese name: 李弘基
Korean name: 이홍기
Birthday: 2nd March 1990 Lunar: 6th February
Height: 176cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Singing, Listening to Music, Football, PC games, Cooking
Family Members: Parents, Younger Sister
Specialty: Singing, Football
Nickname: Lovable Revolting Kid
Central Point of Charm: Eyes when smiling
Favorites: Everything except green Pepper, Thrilling things
Educational Background: Studying in SungJi High School Year 2
Favorite Singer: Nickelback
Lover Types: A girl who acts like a child

1. Got an acting role when he met a man at a fashion show (his uncle was a fashion model)
2. When he was young, he dreamt of becoming a police officer and actor
3. Previously had a gf who was 2 years older than him
4. He used to fart during practice
5. He wore braces before
6. He wore tights during his school graduation
7. He is short sighted
8. He loves to camwhores
9. He used to skip meals for praticising
10. He can beatbox
11. He wants a radio DJ job
12. He always make people around him feel relaxed.. He always makes everyone smile and laugh!!
13. He HATES capsicum
14. He received a customized ipod. dog & blanket from a fan before
15. Fave jap word is pekopeko (im starving)
16. Bad habit is picking nose
17. He is good in soccer
18. He can cooking
19. If he had a month of vacation, he will spend time at home and with his friends and eat with his family
20. His most embarassing moment is when he makes mistake during recording session

  • Lee Jae Jin
Lee Jae Jin (이재진) – Bassist
In 2007, Jae Jin landed the prominent acting role in the KBS drama “Unstoppable Marriage”. Since then, his individual popularity has soared. He is known to be the smart and serious one. But he is not like that all the time, and can often be seen goofing around with his fellow bandmember Hong Gi.
Chinese Name: 李在真
Korean Name: 이재진
Birthday: 17th December 1991
Height: 177cm
Weight: 58kg
Blood Type: A
Education: Seongji High School
Hobbies: Surfing the internet and asking questions about music (he is very curious about it)
Likes: Money, food and music
Family Members: Parents and elder sister
Central Point of Charm: Lips

1. Hobby: Surfing the Internet, Asking questions to music teachers & sunbaes.
2. Claims his skin color is dark.
3. Was introduced to F&C by his older sister (Lee Jae Young, who's an actress in training at F&C).
4. Wanted to play the guitar at first but decided to try out for bass.
5. During audition, he auditioned with a bit of singing as well as playing the bass.
6. Joined the school band to get popular with girls.
7. When he was in 1st grade, used to follow a girl he likes everywhere and even send letters n then ran away.
8. Received a leopard print panties from a fan before.
9. If he had a chance to act again, he wanna play a role as a psychopath.
10. Starred in a sitcom Unstoppable Marriage.
11. Casted for Unstoppable Marriage, as he showed a great passion, had the image of a sincere young boy, the qualifications to be a musical actor.
12. Afraid of height.
13. Likes to read.
14. First kiss was when he was in 7th grade.
15. Has a collection of sunglasses but he claims none suits him.
16. During performance he didnt wear any, cause he say its hard to wear them while playing.
17. Favorite colors are black and blue.
18. Doesn't spend much money on clothings.
19. Loves to nag alot.
20. Hate stylish girl, coz he's afraid & will feel awkward.

  • Choi Min Hwan
Choi Min Hwan (최민환) – Drummer
The baby of the group gets to play the drums! Barely 16 years-old, he has been playing the drums since age 12. Min Hwan’s favourite food is chicken and he usually poses for the camera with his “double peace sign”.
Chinese Name: 崔珉焕
Korean Name: 최민환
Birthday: 11th November 1992
Height: 171cm
Weight: 55kg
Blood Type: A
Education: Eunil Information Industrial High School
Hobbies: Listening to music, going on the internet to look up news*
Family Members: Parents and younger brother
Specialty: Playing the drums and eating fried chicken
Nickname: SaOhJing
Central Point of Charm: Cuteness

1. Interests is listening to songs and play computer game.
2. Acting debut in a drama series - The Road Home (2009).
3. Loves Linkin Park, Hoobastank.
4. Fave color pink, white and yellow.
5. Has a big mole (birthmark) on his back.
6. Favorite flowers is Dandelion.
7. Was especially known for his adorable aegyos.
8. The easiest member to wake up.
9. Always cleaning up after the other members.
10. Have never receive any love letters BEFORE debut.
11. Minhwan's parent has a restaurant.
12. Loves chicken.
13. Likes pikachu.
14. Favorite snack is potato chips.
15. Besides drum, he can also play the guitar, bass and the piano.
16. He doesn't like celery.
17. Said to always wear the same clothes after it has been washed.
18. Likes eating barbecued meat.
19. Said (by other members) to be someone who keep breaking promises.
20. Hate bugs.
  • Song Seung Hyun
The latest edition to the band (he replaces Oh Won-bin) sings vocals, raps and plays the guitar.
position: vocal, rapper, bass guitar
date of birth: august 21, 1992
height: 180 cm
weight: 60 kg
best feature: dimples
talents: rap
hobbies: listening to music, acting

1. Seunghyun thinks he looks good on his school uniform.
2. Seunghyun likes black rose.
3. He’s asking SHINee’s Key to introduce some nice gilrs to him [IMR].
4.#seunghyunsaid if Hongki hospitalized he will replace him as the main vocal.
5. He likes study English. When study english, he gets dizzy
6. He likes swimming and reading and surfing the net.
7. He fought with his dog before and put it on his diary.
8. He always skip class before w/out his parents knowing.
9. Seunghyun is very pretentious.
10. His longest sleeping record is 27 hours.
11. He dubted with 2.400 ANTIS.
12. According his professionals, the mist photogenic is Hongki and the worst is SeungHyun.lol.
13. He loves to bully his hyungs.
14. He loves bullying Hongki, he thinks it’s the happiest.
15. FTI members thinks that seunghyun is different from other people.
16. He loves MUSE and SMAP.
17. He hates math *me too*.
18. He admires Daesung of Big bang.
19. Eventough Seunghyun likes electric guitar, he love the accoustic one.
20. His dream is to be singer song writer.
21. He wants to sing and play the accoustic guitar in the future.
22. He wish to move people’s hearts just with his voice and the guitar.
23. His nickname is 16 dimensions.
24. His attraction is his dimple.
25. Seunghyun has a little brother name Song Se Hyun ( a FNC trainee)
26. Seunghyun favorite food is beef.
27. Seunghyun also composed and wrote the lyrics for “ I’m a Singer”.
29. Seunghyun together with Jaejin and Kaji Katsura wrote the lyrics for Flower Rock.
30. Seunghyun wrote the lyrics for Brand New Days and Winters Night
31. Seunghyun believed tha he's most sensitive to most things and show tantrums easily.
32. Seunghyun think that practising is more important than exercising.
33. He learnt the piano for 7 years.
34. Seunghyun grow 1cm this years,therefore he’s now 181cm tall.
35. According to Jaejin, Seunghyun hold a little grudges.
36.A trainee for 3 years
37. A good boy in his parents eyes but he actually skipped school with his parents
38. Ft Island means fate of God to him.
39. Seunghyun did a cover of “ can’t take my eyes off you” .
40. Seunghyun fav's brand are Nike & Louis Vuitton
41. Seunghyun likes to play badminton, football and table tennis
42. His type of girl must have coca cola body LOL
43. thinks his best feature are his eyes and chin
44. childhood dream was to be a movie star
45. love to dress up like a rich bachelor altough he doesn't have any branded clothes in his wardrobe
46. seunghyun's favorite drink is Cola Cola
47. seunhyun wants Jaejin to change his habit of always wanting to win when it comes to online games
48. Seunghyun likes to play prank on people especially FTI members. he once mad them listen to him in the lift and they missed their levels.
49. Seunghyun can sing very well if he's seriously singing. if not, it's just for fun. check out I'm a singer
50. Seunghyun likes to make people laugh.
51. until now. his parents are still not aware that he frequently skipped class.
52. Seunghyun is known to be the party animal in FTI.
53. Seunghyun hates pineapple

Oh Won Bin announced that he has left the group in January 2009. He enrolled in Gyeonggi University to continue his studies.

New member Song Seung-hyun joined FT Island as Won-bin’s replacement.

Former member:
  • Oh Won Bin 
Oh Won Bin (오원빈) – Guitar, vocals, rap
Won Bin is not only skilled in music, but also in martial arts. He is an accomplished kickboxer and has been training since childhood. He is know to be the tough and macho one in the group.
DOB: 26 March 1990
Height: 180cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood Type: O
Best known for his: Smiling eyes, muscular arms and toned abs

Credit :  KPOP Groups (B2ST, SUJU, Shinee, 2PM, 2AM , SNSD, F(x), Kara, T-ara, BigBang, etc. )

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